Monday, January 26, 2015


OH hell the anticipation awaits! 
welcome to 2015. long story short is the Sport tapes are available but you have to order from the band directly. In typical fashion, we only do a small run of 100 tapes. we give half to the band.
 In a nutshell, when the tapes were finally finished - they arrived almost exactly in time for the band to play this last years FEST in gainesville. in order to save big bucks in shipping the tapes to the band overseas, we agreed to ship the tapes to a record store in gainesville, where they were scheduled to play several days after arriving to the states. - the "bon voyage" cassettes did arrive just in the same time the band did to tour the U.S., so we sent 50+ of them to a record store in gainsville, FL in october 2014 for the band to pick up for the FEST. Unfortunately the band was unable to pick the tapes up from the record store we shipped them to because of timing issues, so eventually the record store in gainesville that we shipped them to, eventually after no one came to pick them up - marked the package "return to sender" in hopes to avoid return shipping with all parties involved. we actually never ended up getting those tapes back, and clearly the band never ended up with them. ugh. the headache.
i know. sounds like a long story but i'm just as confused as you. 
Long story short - the band never got their cassettes and we never got those tapes returned to us - lost in the mail? 
so therefore only -50 Sport "Bon Voyage" cassettes remain in existence. 
Gotta order from the band on that one.
sorry folks :(

On a lighter note Pageripper "Bruce Jams Vol. III" is finally available. Order from the band first. After that go HERE to order directly from us. this tape slays.

Lastly - Nixon's The One "Watergate" ep will be coming soon.
tour dates to follow so watch your ass.

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not a dick.