Monday, March 31, 2014

SPORT - 'Bon Voyage' // Compact Cassette Tape // AWR-011 ***COMING SOON!!!!!!***

'Bon Voyage'
Cassette Tape


***coming soon***

Welp. Here it is folks! Here we go again, announcing the next AWR release. Premature? hardly. We are far too excited to withhold any such news - as i'm sure you'd all be equally stoked to have such a fine release on tape!!! You know how we do.

First off, I gotta give credit where credit is due. Seriously HUGE thanks to Carlos at his Switzerland based, INHUMANO RECORDS for exposing us to this band. Had it not been for his support of AWR, I truly doubt I'd even stumble upon these guys had it not been for his hand in the massive, world-wide, 23+ label collaborative vinyl release of this Lyon, France quartet's incredibly intricate, dynamic and forward-thinking, 2014 sophomore release, 'Bon Voyage'.

So, we were just a little late to the game in helping out on the Vinyl version of this release, but in typical AWR fashion; we are absolutely floored to bring you a limited run of 'Bon Voyage' on Compact Cassette, for those of you who love tape as much as we do here at AWR. They will be sexy. They will be sleek, and yes, they will be limited.
Again, we just love to release solid cassettes for bands who we truly love and are inspired by. 
And that's all there is to it.

From Lyon, France - these guys play incredibly catchy,  intricate, Emotionally driven Indie-punk which will soon be one of your favorite bands, on consistently heavy rotation as they are with us. Sure to have you singing along to every single word.

Lately, Few albums have reached out to me on such an emotional and intimate level, but right from the first few seconds of the first opening track, this album took me by the throat, and has not let go for weeks. 
Reading the lyrics choked me up in such a way, I just really haven't been able to feel from an album in such a really long time...

Feel for yourself,

Monday, March 17, 2014

Updates and Shit...


Alright first off...huge thanks to everyone who's been keeping the orders coming in on a somewhat regular basis. Whether we get an order once a day, once a week, once a month, or once every few months...y'all are the reason we keep doing this and your support is fucking appreciated like none other. It feels good to know there are folks out there supportin' the bands we absolutely love and believe in, by supporting us through mail order. When I say 'we' I'm referring to myself - and my better half; as this is really just a 2 person operation based out of our home here in Denver. We have day and/or night jobs and work long days and often long weeks, and as anyone who works in the food/beverage/hospitality industry might suggest - finding time to spend with friends, families and loved ones is often as difficult as finding time to make it across town to the Post Office once a week.
We try to get orders out as fast as possible but sometimes life gets in the way and things get delayed and we know you understand because your love for us is as conditional as our love for you :) XOXOXOXOXO


Katër Mass test cassette came today and sounds absolutely killer on tape.
Remember this is a joint release between us, and Athen, GA's very own
Pizza Tomb Records. Be sure to jump over there and 
show Russell a lil' sweet lovin! This wouldn't have been possible, or - it woulda been a helluva lot harder without his hand in this release. We're honored to be a part of this release with his label. 
Typically I don't really like to nerd out this hard on a release but because there's 2 different labels involved on this, plus the band - we decided to get a little bonkers on this release. So here you have it;
There's gonna be 3 different color variants for this release and  all will include a Digital Download:  

AWR - 50 clear w/clear liner 
Pizza Tomb - 50 White

Katër Mass - 50 Green


AWR-010 snuck up relatively fast, as did the once in a lifetime seriously-NEVER AGAIN -Throwaway Sunshine reunion show. The show was killer and it was an honor to be a part of Cancers second show ever! Denvers very own Kissing Party set the pace and warmed the show up.
For this occasion we stayed true to DIY fashion and hand made a very very VERY small amount of cassettes for this show. Im talking like 10 tapes only. 
Tenth release- ten tapes. That is all.
Theres a couple left over at our store so be sure to snag one if you can ;)


AWR-011 will do you another solid and see a release by Denver based pop-punk quartet - Dead Set West
They don't really have anything up to listen to at the moment but rest assured it'll be a nice addition to the AWR collection.


We've added and re-stocked some great titles to the Distro section over at our store. We were digging though some boxes the other day only to find some stuff we never had the time (until now) to list...
There you will find some sweet tapes from Iron Chic, Unfun, Cancers and more...
Go have a gander!
We would really like to help distribute as many releases as possible so - if you are a band or a label and want to work out some sort of trade, or wholesale get in touch. 
We be down.

Alright folks, I think that just about wraps this shit up...I gotta go get rid of these Mcdonalds gift cards my grandma sent me and try to catch Shining Wires and BRONCHO...