Monday, February 24, 2014

Katër Mass "Circles" Cassette Tape // AWR-009 PRE-ORDER & EXCLUSIVE PUNKNEWS STREAM !!!

Katër Mass
Cassette + Digital Download


stream entire album at Punknews

cassette will ship out on, or before March 29th.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Arms Aloft "Sawdust City" Cassette available now!!!


Originally released on LP & CD through Kiss Of Death Records, Added Warmth Recordings is pleased to bring you a limited Compact Cassette edition of 100. Side A features "Sawdust City" as Side B displays an extremely tight and powerful 18+ minute set recorded live at the Gilead Media Music Festival. 
50 - clear green (European tour variant) 
50 - clear red (AWR mail-order variant)

Visit the online store >here< to pick one up!

Monday, February 17, 2014

*** Katër Mass - 'CIRCLES' - AWR//009//***

Katër Mass

Hailing from Athens, Georgia and featuring members of - Echoes of Harpers ferry, Reeks Of Failure and Werewolves, 
Katër Mass (pronounced kaht-ur-mahs)- 
Tight, energetic, honestly convicted melodic punk rock served up midwest style. Honing in a style truly unique to their name, but seemingly drawing influence from the likes of early Hot Water Music, Jawbreaker, Rites of Spring and Husker Du. The penmanship and incredibly melodic and dynamic songwriting here on 'Circles' never fails to let up. 

Added Warmth Recordings is obliged to tell you we are teaming up with Athens label - Pizza Tomb Records and collectively releasing the new album on the highly coveted Compact Cassette Tape format, with digital download. 

Here's a new jam called "Rotten"
for your health.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Arms Aloft - "Sawdust City" & B-Side Live Set ***Compact Cassette coming soon*** AWR-008

heyyyyyy...NICE ZAMBONI!
Wow. It's been a while huh? Yup. I'll be dipped.
 We're still around and stoked now more than ever. The past few months have been fucking busy as shit. Thank you to everyone who's been patient and supportive through those sticky times.
For those who give a shit - we decided to leave Seattle and move back to our real home here in Denver. Nothing against Seattle really - considering that's where this little idea was born...but we couldn't really identify. And, at the end of the day - it was time for Added Warmth to leave its passive-aggressive self absorbed nest.
 So, yeah. To say the very least - things with the label got put on hold for a minute or two. Why? let's see...a last minute spur of the moment decision to quit our jobs and sell off our belongings & packing up and driving cross-country some 1300+ miles and every single little uncomfortable thing that entails; moving trucks, long drives, shitty motels, no food, crappy food, Wyoming, bad weather, moving everything into storage, attempting to adjust to temporary living arrangements, finding jobs, leaving temporary living arrangements due to failed attempts to adjust, being homeless, the holidays 3 or 4 address changes etc. Yeah. All that shit and much, much more, certainly put a temporarily little crimp on the label but rest assured we're back and ready to come out swinging for 2014. I kinda promise it will be hard to ignore. Any how. enough about us. We're alive and so are you and that's all that matters.

We've got some fucking killer releases planned for this year, but we really couldn't be happier to start things off with our first release of 2014 - Arms Aloft "Sawdust City". This quickly became one of our favorite records around the house here and when we were in touch with these guys over the course of the last few difficult months and agreed to work with them on this release we were absolutely floored. The idea of putting out a tape for Arms Aloft was seriously the silver lining and utmost encouraging motivating factor to carry on and continue Added Warmth.

Originally released on 12" Vinyl through KISS OF DEATH RECORDS. We're honored to be releasing this limited cassette version for the band in support of their upcoming 2014 European tour. 

+ B-Side Live set.
50 CLEAR RED SHELLS(AWR Mailorder variant)
50 CLEAR GREEN SHELLS(Arms Aloft Euro tour variant)

***coming soon***