Wednesday, July 31, 2013

AWR-007 - SLATWALL - "Farewell Songs" *** Coming September 2013 ***

"Farewell Songs"
8 song cassette + digital download
Available September 2013.

Slated to be a late September release - this 8 song cassette will be an almost exact "year-to-date" follow up to the band's first 3 song cassette e.p - "Throw Your Stones"(AWR-001). Released September of last year as the first Added Warmth cassette.
 Upon returning from a brief 2 week no-coast/(north)west-coast tour and undergoing a significant lineup change, Slatwall cherished the welcoming of the new year in typical Seattle-shitty-gloomy-"outlook-not-so-good" style. Losing a rehearsal space, losing jobs, failed relationships, the passing of loved ones and/or family members - and a vaguely-communicative 5 month hiatus; Slatwall pulled it together, holed up for the winter and wrote, rehearsed and demo'd a ton and held on to what would become 
"Farewell Songs".

While lyrically heavily inspired by Rimbaud and Dostoyevsky, musically "Farewell Songs" displays gritty, melodic, mid/tempo rain-punk. While often somber at times, the songwriting here is humbly intricate and every bit as intense as it is emotional - while never failing to produce the perfect vehicle for delivering intense personal subject matter such as coping with disease, loss, love, the past and present, and all the regrets of struggling with drug and alcohol abuse. 

Also featuring guest vocals by Chris Fogal of The Gamits.

Recorded by Jesse O'Donnell @ Autopsy Room - Tacoma, WA.
Mixed & Mastered by Chris Fogal @ Black In Bluhm Music - Denver, CO.

Ltd. to 100 copies w/ digital download code.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

AWR-006 Pageripper "Troika Tape" Available now!

"Troika Tape"

dark. dirty. hateful. melodic. fucking loud pacific northwest rain punk. the way it should be. short and sweet. this 3 piece from Portland, Oregon plays some of the most intense songs i've ever heard - and put on one of the best shows i've ever seen. reading the lyrics now strikes a deep nerve. this new recording certainly is beautiful and ugly in all the right places - lyrics dealing with the hardships of hate, loss, confusion, pain, frustration & anger - yet approaching these topics with sincere conviction and honest humility - whilst realizing these emotions are real, and there for a reason. they are just as valid as their opposites - to live and to learn, but also, to quite possibly allow these emotions to serve as wounds and time do show...a purpose of reproach.

3 song cassette EP.
1st run of 100 copies on black shells with silver imprint ink & a 3 panel j-card w/ lyrics and download code.

we're super stoked to be putting this out for these good pals! 
this tape fucking owns everything.

5 song 7" coming soon on Sex Sheets Records
followed by a west coast tour w/ Slatwall in late december.

brace yourself.

$3 + shipping !