Thursday, May 9, 2013

AWR-004 *** The Adventures Of Calvinball ***

Adventures Of Calvinball
Cassette Anthology.
Ltd. 100 Copies

Ahem...well lets see. Where to begin? I guess lets rewind to winter of 2008/2009. I can remember vividly as my heart will allow...The dead of December, in Denver Colorado. Surviving what I recall as being the hardest time of my entire life, yet transitioning into the happiest I was soon to ever be. You have to die to live some say and for me back then, it couldn't have been more true. If you'd have told me back then I wouldn't have believed it for shit. Henry Miller once wrote - "Once you have given up the ghost, everything follows with dead certainty, Even in the midst of chaos." 

I remember hanging out at the Bar Bar one night, drunk as shit, smoking too many cigarettes and drinking the night away. Killing time with the wonderful woman who would soon become my wife. It was a cold winter indeed but the whiskey was warm. My buddy Jared made a bunch of mix cd's for everyone and was handing them out at the bar that night. When I threw in that mix when we got home from the bar that night it was loaded with a bunch of rad songs. Some of which i'd heard before and some other ones i probably would have never have been exposed to otherwise.
I remember listening to this calvinball song and being absolutely floored. Starting it over and over again after the track was finished. Eventually being the only song on the mix i'd even listen to. Where had this band been my whole life? What was the universe trying to say right at this moment, in form of song? Why did this song make absolute perfect sense for everything I was going through at the moment? I immediately bonded and emotionally connected to this band in so many ways and I was stoked that I found a band I could relate to so well at this junction in my life. I would listen to this song on repeat for days...this song was the soundtrack to that dark, cold and snowy winter. The darkest, yet happiest time of my life...

When we asked Calvinball if they would be interested in letting us put out all of their songs compiled on to one compact cassette - and they agreed, my heart exploded like a fucking pinata filled with airplane shooters of jim beam. Words cannot express how stoked and truly grateful I am to have the opportunity to share these songs, and hopefully introduce the legend of one of the greatest pop-punk bands of all time, to someone who may not have had the opportunity to listen to otherwise. In the end, it all comes full circle.

AVAILABLE 6/4/2013...