Saturday, March 30, 2013

Rations - "Martyrs and Prisoners" - 7" *** Available May 14th, 2013 ***


Massively Multi-Label Split Release

In preparation, we are reaching out to DIY punk/hardcore record labels and distros in communities across the globe. Our goal is to decentralize distribution and get small quantities of our records to as many local scenes as possible.

We currently have 17 labels collaborating on releasing the record in 6 different countries. We're hoping to hook up with a bunch more to help us get our stuff out all over the world. Each label will be kicking in a portion of the costs and getting a proportionate number of copies.

Labels involved in so far:

Different Kitchen Records -- UK
Crapoulet Records -- France
Stiff Hombre Records -- Canada
Jerk Store Records -- Australia
86′d Records and Fanzine -- NY, USA
John Wilkes Booth Records -- NH, USA
Vinehell Records -- CA, USA
Added Warmth Records -- WA, USA
Intense Human Victories -- MA, USA
Rad Girlfriend Records -- OH, USA
Lost Cat Records -- MN, USA
Square of Opposition -- PA, USA
Life On An Island -- NY, USA
Tour Van Records -- NY, USA
De Nada Records -- DE, USA
Get Better Records -- SC, USA

Recess Records -- CA, USA
Abbreviated Records -- Dubai, UAE

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Myrrh - "Hymns" c32 - now added to distro.


"Sludge-mystics trigger involuntary trance-mode. Myrrh is the power trio of Jackie Beckey (of Brute Heart), Andie Mazorol (Mother Of Fire, Visitor) and Jason Millard (Lighted). who have made a name for themselves around Minneapolis with their epic and minimal form of instrumental doom pummel... but the instrumentation itself also sets this group apart. Viola, Lap Steel, Electronics and Drums weave together to form what could possibly be the heaviest folk music ever made...Dramatic and drifting psychedelic doom anthems for tomorrow’s sweat soaked soirĂ©e." 
--Lighten Up Sounds.


Monday, March 4, 2013

Ol' Doris ~ " A Murder Of Four "


Ol' Doris
" A Murder Of Four " 

Occasionally, from time to time; i'll run into or hear from an old friend or family member...some old flame or some old burn victim...someone i hadn't seen or heard from in years. for whatever reason. I would ask them how they've been, to which they might reply with a snap...(one of my least favorite idioms) - "livin' the dream. " That's cool with me though. I love hearing people are still out there living their dreams and pouring their hearts into what they love doing the most. I have to admit i'm doing the same...especially when i get to put out tapes for pals who make music in incredibly talented punk bands.

Doing a two week tour this last october with these 4 dudes was one of the funnest times i've ever had on tour. shit got crazy but i do feel fortunate to have not only had the opportunity to get to know these fellas a little better, but also to see them perform these killer songs every night for two weeks and really get to witness their conviction and heart, and the genuine spilling and/or pouring out of said hearts.

I'm truly honored to be handling the cassette version of this here 2nd full-length album from Seattle's very own Ol' Doris.

11 songs of beautifully crafted, amazingly catchy, honest pop-punk.

Fans of Stiff Little Fingers, Toys That Kill, American Steel & The Arrivals better watch yo' ass. 

Ltd. 100 copies

$5 + shipping.