Friday, February 15, 2013

The Blackout Pact - Bold Intentions - Demos & Rarities 2005-2009 + Wolves In The Lazarette e.p.

Added Warmth Recordings
the blackout pact
- bold intentions -
Demos & Rarities 2005-2009
Wolves In the Lazarette e.p.

Alas!!! The long awaited physical copy of our last 4 song e.p. plus a collection of demos and rarities! BIG thanks to all of our friends and family who have stayed supportive and patient this whole time! These killer songs finally get to see the light of day on nice warm analog tape. I've given this cassette the good ol' walkman-with-a-good-pair-of-headphones treatment and I truly forgot how great the tones on these tracks were until now. The mid ranges seriously cut through on this cassette and really bring these songs to life. Kicking the squeaky clean digital versions all over the place. Any die hard TBOP fan and/or analog purist should be stoked to get their hands on this. And sorry folks - the only way to get the mp3's of this release is to get a copy of the cassette itself! TAPE RAPE.
ltd. 100 copies + digital download w/ extra track...

The download code will come with the tape, as we are finishing vocals on the new track.

These will ship out next week when the vocals are finished on the bonus track.

$5 + shipping.
International orders please contact me first for shipping rates! thanks!

    SOLD OUT!!!


Monday, February 4, 2013

* The Blackout Pact * demos & rarities + wolves in the lazarette e.p.

There were a bunch of demos, outtakes and unreleased songs that never saw the light of day. As well as our last e.p. which never received a proper physical release. I feel like all those old demo songs and rarities are good enough to share with people, so I've decided to release a collection on a limited run of cassettes. I would love to have put this out on vinyl-but it's just way too fucking expensive and cd's just get thrashed and used as coasters. So--what's another great analog format? TAPE.
I'd much rather have people enjoy these songs for what they are - than have these songs just sit there in purgatory with nowhere to go.I was able to get most of the tracks from Wisam's library and I also got in touch with a few producers to retrieve some of those tracks from their archives as well. Why may ask? Well - I waste nobody's time but my own. It's mine to waste so let it go...

Limited to 100 copies w/ download code
once they're gone, they're gone.