Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A.M. Pleasure Assassins/Cotton Keys 
Split Cassette

If I were to fire off a short list of some of my favorite hardworking, independent DIY punk bands out there these days; chances are many of them would be from the sunny state of Colorado. I know that may sound a little biased, what with me being a NATIVE to the state of Colorado and all, but truth be told this is one of the best albums I've heard in a long time. 
Although both bands on this split cassette do hail from Ft. Collins, Colorado - I've been fortunate enough to have developed what I consider to be a pretty awesome-unconditional relationship with Jared from A.M. Pleasure Assassins through years of knowing each other and our bands playing many shows together. A.M. Pleasure Assassins progresses even further from where Jared's previous project; Rad Vibes(also featured Joe from Ft. Collins Beer-Punk favortites-ELWAY on drums...)left off. And seeing them live always blows my mind. Truly gifted musicians, and the most positive, uplifting, EGO-FREE personalities you'd ever known.

I can go back vividly in my mind and remember those hot ass-summer days in Denver playing in dark sweaty basements or cold-ass snowy drunken nights around the firepit while shredding the halfpipe at blast-o-mat(RIP) or helping see DCCS(RIP) off the ground with bands like 10-4 Eleanor, No High Fives To Bullshit, Shanty Vamps, Throwaway Sunshine or what have you. I remember those nights/days vividly and I'm stoked to see how far some of those bands have come and even more stoked to see how they will continue to carry the torch wherever they might live now; and create, in my opinion some of the best music out there. I guess in my own matter where we all end up - we all shared one thing- and we all had one very special thing in common and that was those damn fine years in Denver which only those involved should hope to never forget.

This tape is truly a refreshing listen...and what I love most about A.M. Pleasure Assassins, and Cotton Keys- aside from they're musical maturity is how discrete they are with they're ability to be punk as fuck; with out needing to be so obvious (There's really only a few other bands that rings this bell for me and that would be Fugazi, The Folk Implosion, Sebadoh) Both bands here feature beautiful lo-fi, psychedelic, analog punk filled with extremely lush instrumentation, and beautiful minimalist vocal melodies at all the right angles. Very forward-thinking, very 90's, and fucking awesome.

A.M. Pleasure Assasins has a mighty prolific catalog. head over to to get a hold of their other shit.
Cotton Keys have one other lp to the best of my knowledge and you can go to to get it.