Monday, March 4, 2013

Ol' Doris ~ " A Murder Of Four "


Ol' Doris
" A Murder Of Four " 

Occasionally, from time to time; i'll run into or hear from an old friend or family member...some old flame or some old burn victim...someone i hadn't seen or heard from in years. for whatever reason. I would ask them how they've been, to which they might reply with a snap...(one of my least favorite idioms) - "livin' the dream. " That's cool with me though. I love hearing people are still out there living their dreams and pouring their hearts into what they love doing the most. I have to admit i'm doing the same...especially when i get to put out tapes for pals who make music in incredibly talented punk bands.

Doing a two week tour this last october with these 4 dudes was one of the funnest times i've ever had on tour. shit got crazy but i do feel fortunate to have not only had the opportunity to get to know these fellas a little better, but also to see them perform these killer songs every night for two weeks and really get to witness their conviction and heart, and the genuine spilling and/or pouring out of said hearts.

I'm truly honored to be handling the cassette version of this here 2nd full-length album from Seattle's very own Ol' Doris.

11 songs of beautifully crafted, amazingly catchy, honest pop-punk.

Fans of Stiff Little Fingers, Toys That Kill, American Steel & The Arrivals better watch yo' ass. 

Ltd. 100 copies

$5 + shipping.