Monday, February 4, 2013

* The Blackout Pact * demos & rarities + wolves in the lazarette e.p.

There were a bunch of demos, outtakes and unreleased songs that never saw the light of day. As well as our last e.p. which never received a proper physical release. I feel like all those old demo songs and rarities are good enough to share with people, so I've decided to release a collection on a limited run of cassettes. I would love to have put this out on vinyl-but it's just way too fucking expensive and cd's just get thrashed and used as coasters. So--what's another great analog format? TAPE.
I'd much rather have people enjoy these songs for what they are - than have these songs just sit there in purgatory with nowhere to go.I was able to get most of the tracks from Wisam's library and I also got in touch with a few producers to retrieve some of those tracks from their archives as well. Why may ask? Well - I waste nobody's time but my own. It's mine to waste so let it go...

Limited to 100 copies w/ download code
once they're gone, they're gone.