Monday, November 12, 2012

My Black Cloud - 4 song cassette EP - ***January 2013***

My Black Cloud
4 Song cassette EP
***January 2013***

The first release of 2013 will be a 4 song cassette EP from Denver, Colorado's; My Black Cloud. They head into the studio at the end of this month to start tracking. This mile-high 4 piece plays brutally honest, heartwrenching, tight, melodic dirt punk with life-worn lyrics. Wrought with whiskey and conviction. Angry and beautiful in all the right places. Its an honor for me to be putting something out for these guys and I really couldn't be happier for this to be the first release of the new year....head over to to see what they're about...

SLATWALL - Throw Your Stones - 3 song cassette

SLATWALL - Throw Your Stones -
3 song cassette

Gritty, melodic, NW rain-punk. "Super fun, catchy punk rock from Seattle. Kind of in the old East Bay/Crimpshrine vein. Shouted dual vocals, creative variety of tempo changes." -Brainstorm Zine

ltd. 100 copies