Monday, March 31, 2014

SPORT - 'Bon Voyage' // Compact Cassette Tape // AWR-011 ***COMING SOON!!!!!!***

'Bon Voyage'
Cassette Tape


***coming soon***

Welp. Here it is folks! Here we go again, announcing the next AWR release. Premature? hardly. We are far too excited to withhold any such news - as i'm sure you'd all be equally stoked to have such a fine release on tape!!! You know how we do.

First off, I gotta give credit where credit is due. Seriously HUGE thanks to Carlos at his Switzerland based, INHUMANO RECORDS for exposing us to this band. Had it not been for his support of AWR, I truly doubt I'd even stumble upon these guys had it not been for his hand in the massive, world-wide, 23+ label collaborative vinyl release of this Lyon, France quartet's incredibly intricate, dynamic and forward-thinking, 2014 sophomore release, 'Bon Voyage'.

So, we were just a little late to the game in helping out on the Vinyl version of this release, but in typical AWR fashion; we are absolutely floored to bring you a limited run of 'Bon Voyage' on Compact Cassette, for those of you who love tape as much as we do here at AWR. They will be sexy. They will be sleek, and yes, they will be limited.
Again, we just love to release solid cassettes for bands who we truly love and are inspired by. 
And that's all there is to it.

From Lyon, France - these guys play incredibly catchy,  intricate, Emotionally driven Indie-punk which will soon be one of your favorite bands, on consistently heavy rotation as they are with us. Sure to have you singing along to every single word.

Lately, Few albums have reached out to me on such an emotional and intimate level, but right from the first few seconds of the first opening track, this album took me by the throat, and has not let go for weeks. 
Reading the lyrics choked me up in such a way, I just really haven't been able to feel from an album in such a really long time...

Feel for yourself,